My animation loop for group art show SEAT and Spin at Gallery4Culture in Seattle, WA.

This is the first animated sequence completed for an app I am working on with friends.  It is a detective book/game for young children.  This animation will be placed within the character’s bedroom.  

That make two projects that I will be posting updates on over the next month or so, the kid’s app and the animation for Bawdy Language.  Stay tuned!

Picking up the stitch

As the formerly discussed project, “Dumb Animal”, waits for proper attention, time and funding; I’d like to resurrect this blog for my current animation work. These current projects I have chosen to prepare me for the techniques and skills needed for “Dumb Animal”.  ”Dumb Animal” is, may I remind you, a music video for a song on my wife’s upcoming album to be released this year.

I am currently beginning work on a series with Seattle writer and educator, Lawrence Paros.  He published a book titled Bawdy Language: Everything You Wanted To Do But Were Afraid To Say.  About this book, George Carlin proclaimed, “Terrific, entertaining, well researched, and just plain f**kin’ good.”

We are transforming the chapters into animated episodes which will appear on and perhaps be made into an app.  Expect something very surreal heavily inspired by Terry Gilliam’s Python work.

Artist-woodworker, Henry Deposit, is the most experienced member of our crew. He is quietly crafting a miniature treehouse in his basement workshop for the video. The treehouse is entirely made out of wood; even the replica Shaker wood stove. Progress is beyond promising!

Larkin designs the she-wolf. So many parts!

Artist, Joseph Larkin, joins the team.

We’re welcoming another outstanding artist to the crew.  Joseph is working with me to paint a heap of animal body parts that will be animated into living breathing creatures.

Joseph past work can be viewed here:

Artist, Joseph Larkin, in action a ‘fresco.

Artist, Joseph Larkin, in action a ‘fresco.

UPDATE—Diorama Artist(s)

I believe I have found diorama artists in my own figurative back yard.  Nice when some of your crew lives 5 blocks away from the studio.

I contacted a very talented man in central B.C. about helping and he miraculously said he was “quite interested” but the distance is just too inconvenient.  I’d love to work with you in the future, Steve, when I can fly you down!

Looking For Diorama Artist

Yes!  Lest I forget, we need a kick-butt diorama artist.  The video requires a miniature forest and treehouse as well as a couple “indoor” sets.  The artist will not be doing this without help but their skill and know-how is much needed.

So far, we have some amazingly talented artists coming forward to fill different positions on this project.

Our aim is to make a timeless piece of art that moves a large and wide audience.

Come join our team!